Journalism and other copy

My journalism experience includes:

  • Regular articles on Forbes about the future of business.
  • Over 30 articles and features for the Financial Times (free subscription required).
  • Several pieces for Global Business Magazine including a cover feature on social networking, two cover articles on the EU and a feature on depression in the workplace.
  • An expert’s view piece for eHealth Insider
  • Regular contributions to the Londoner.SO guide
  • Work for hire for a number of technology blogs

My copywriting experience includes work for hire for a number of startups in the medical and financial technology fields.

My science communication activities include work that has been featured on BBC’s Horizon programme, BBC Radio 5 and a number of outlets including the Melbourne Age and the New Scientist.

I am a recipient of a British Science Association Media Fellowship (2008) .

You can see a portfolio of my work here.