Coverage for Swearing is Good for You

Print Media

The Financial Times “Don’t Listen to Prigs: Profanity is Glorious”
The Guardian “Philip Pullman’s Swearwords are a Useful Lesson for Children”
The Guardian “Swear by it: why bad language is good for you.”
The Sunday Times “Why Women who Swear are Happier”
Men’s Health “4 Reasons Why Swearing Is F*cking Awesome For Your Health” “If Chimps and Toddlers can Call you a Poo-Face, it’s a Given that Toddlers will too”
Vice “Why you Should Swear Less”
Glamour Magazine “Why Swearing is Good for You”
Stylist “Ten Must-Read Books for November”
The pub that banned swearing” New Yorker
The absolute fucking best swearword for you” Time Magazine
The science of swearing” Smithsonian Magazine
Swearing is good for you – and chimps do it too” National Geographic
The power of profane language” The Economist
Swearing is good for you review” Sydney Morning Herald
The science of why swearing physically reduces pain” Wired (USA)
Books we love” and “Is it a good idea to use bad language at work?” Parade Magazine
Why you should totally drop that f-bomb” New York Post
Fack ju Goethe: trademark or insult” Deutsche Welle
“Why swearing can be a good fucking way to sound convincing” Boing Boing
Why swearing is good for you”
Why swearing might actually be good for you”
“Swearing is good for you says new book” Sacramento Business Journal





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