Fucking exciting!

Swearing is Good for You is now officially ‘coming soon’! With a release date of November 2017, friends and family are already bracing themselves for a sweary stocking filler this year.

I really love the cover design by Profile’s Steve Panton. The palette is a subtle nod to a certain album cover, while the font says ‘here comes the science bit, concentrate!’

My agent, Carrie Plitt, is handling translation rights, while the English language editions are being published by Profile in the UK, W.W. Norton in the USA, and House of Anansi in Canada.

The Profile catalogue also features Shoshana Zuboff’s Master or Slave, and What’s Next? by Jim Al-Khalili, both of which I can’t wait to read! I’m also looking forward to Joris Luyendijk’s On Trump, Brexit and Bullshit. Joris argues that ‘as mainstream technocrats are purged, and populists fall on their own swords, something better may emerge: a repoliticised and refreshed democracy.’ I can only hope so!