Going ubiquitous (ish!)

Thanks to the Naked Scientists, I’ve been all over the BBC local radio airwaves (and Five Live) this weekend, taking part in their spooktacular halloween episode. Find out why bats are misunderstood, space funerals are awesome, and whether biofuels are the answer to meeting our climate commitments.

Swearing is Good for You was also the subject of a salty feature from proud swearer, India Knight, in yesterday’s Sunday Times Style section.

Today I am filming for Viewsnight and prepping for Thursday’s broadcast of Freethinking on Radio Three, as well as recording some Canadian broadcasts. This means that I’m more or less living on throat sweets and peppermint tea right now… I’m having a whale of a time though!

Thank you to the Science Museum!

I had a fantastic time at the Science Museum last night! Two packed out rooms, filled with people who were keen to do unspecified tasks for the promise of badges (you are the kind of people that behavioural psychologists love!)


Next up is the appearance at Stylist Live! Come and unleash your power by swearing it out!



Gearing up for launch!

In the last few weeks I’ve been busy with writing and interviews all about the book. So far I’ve pontificated to outlets as diverse as the U.S version of Cosmopolitan  (on why swearing can be arousing) and BBC Focus Magazine on the origin and future of swearing.  With the UK and Canada launch dates now less than a month away, the public and broadcast appearances are starting to ramp up. In the coming weeks I’m appearing at the Science Museum (25th October) and Stylist Live (12th November.)


I spent last Friday in a fantastic planning session with comedian and juicy brain Jessica Fostekew, preparing for a workshop on the 12th November at Stylist Live, where we’ll join with 175 lucky people to banish impostor syndrome and build confidence through the magic of swearing. We had so much fun planning it, I can’t wait to share the life changing magic of saying “fuck you!”

And next week, I’m speaking at the Science Museum Lates. They’ve quite sensibly put me in the basement for that one. I’m on at 20:40 and 21:15 (sessions are about 25 minutes long.)  Come along and find out how I switched from robots to swearing, why video games really do hurt, and what I think is the meanest psychology experiment ever devised…  The first session will be BSL interpreted too!




Fucking exciting!

Swearing is Good for You is now officially ‘coming soon’! With a release date of November 2017, friends and family are already bracing themselves for a sweary stocking filler this year.

I really love the cover design by Profile’s Steve Panton. The palette is a subtle nod to a certain album cover, while the font says ‘here comes the science bit, concentrate!’

My agent, Carrie Plitt, is handling translation rights, while the English language editions are being published by Profile in the UK, W.W. Norton in the USA, and House of Anansi in Canada.

The Profile catalogue also features Shoshana Zuboff’s Master or Slave, and What’s Next? by Jim Al-Khalili, both of which I can’t wait to read! I’m also looking forward to Joris Luyendijk’s On Trump, Brexit and Bullshit. Joris argues that ‘as mainstream technocrats are purged, and populists fall on their own swords, something better may emerge: a repoliticised and refreshed democracy.’ I can only hope so!