How to Build a Human: Preorder Bonus

I am so UTTERLY THRILLED that How to Build a Human is now available for preorder! Preordering helps authors, it helps bookshops, and it will help this book succeed. So as a thank-you to everyone who takes a chance on the book ahead of its publication hate, I have some special gifts, just for you.

[Image shows a list of promotional items – a bonus ebook, podcast episode, and signed bookplate, for anyone who preorders by July 1st 2021 and sends their receipt to]

If you’re looking for a book that is a humane, supportive look at parenting and is a fascinating dive into how our brains develop, then order now to receive:

  • An e-book full of fun experiments to try on with your children – from birth to adulthood. There are games, practical exercises, and prompts for observations that will spart your curiosity and compassion, as well as being a lot of fun.
  • The full episode of NonFicPod on How to Build a Human with bonus content that is usually reserved for Patreon backers
  • A signed bookplate for your hardcopy (or to stick wherever you wish if you buy the digital edition!)

I would love it if you preordered through your local independent bookshop or through (10% off the cover price) but however you order it, simply send me your reciept – and your mailing address if you’d like a signed bookplate – before July 1st 2021.

Promotional bundles will be sent out in July/August 2021.

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