Feeling Festiv(al)

I have some exciting news to come about personal appearances for autumn and winter 2019. The first event in the programme is now live.

Canterbury Festival Programme, 19th Oct – 2nd Nov 2019

I’ll be speaking at Canterbury Festival on the evening of Monday 21st October. I’ll be talking about

  • The science of swearing,
  • What we’ve learned since the book came out,
  • Why I know own a stuffed llama,
  • And some of the funniest interview questions I’ve dealt with.

There may also be some digressions on the neuroscience of the parental brain (especially my parental brain) and whether that makes you more or less likely to swear.

If you’re hungry for some playfully astute science in a room of similarly nerdy people, come along and be part of the fun. Tickets are available now.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Festiv(al)

  1. I find it intriguing that you are discussing swearing at ‘church’ university. I have been pondering the healthy place that swearing has in our society and potentially even in religious circles. I grew up where it has been taboo, but now I am revisiting and challenging the previous societal constraints and it is freeing! How did you start on this journey of pondering and study?


    1. That’s interesting because I never used to swear like-ever until I got some of the most painful news of my life about 2 years ago, and then the floodgates opened up!! It was an incredibly freeing experience and one that has caused me to ask myself, “What just happened here?” I look forward to learning more. Thanks for your response!

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