Coming at you, Oxford!

On the 16th November I’m travelling to Oxford to do one of the brilliant Science Oxford events! I can’t wait to meet a whole bunch of folk who are up for an evening of sweary science!

Book now, places are limited. I promise you’re in for a treat.

2 thoughts on “Coming at you, Oxford!

  1. Hi there,
    Sitting in a cafe in running-into-the-bumpers end of season Corfu, I have just read your article for the Guardian. I laughed out loud, splurted my coffee, and read out chunks to my husband as he lazily plays with animation packages on his iPad Pro. Particularly that bit about other (bad) drivers. “That’s fucking brilliant” he said. He’s a great one for the f word.
    You write with style, but strong flavours, like Greek olives. Great salty stuff. I will order your book next month and spread the word to parents and teachers I know.
    Thank you for widening my late summer smile.


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