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Emma is an honest-to-goodness robot scientist who, when she’s not developing intelligent systems, writes for Forbes, the FT and Global Business Magazine. She also frequently appears on Sky News and the BBC talking about the future of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Her interest in neuroscience led to her first popular science book: Swearing is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language (Profile (UK), W. W. Norton (USA), Anansi (Canada) November 2017).

Her pub, conference and convention talks lead to packed houses and requests for more. Emma is available for commissions, training, personal appearances, television, internet, and radio work. She is a member of the Society of Authors and the Association of British Science Writers.

Emma’s literary agent is Carrie Plitt at Felicity Bryan associates. Or email me at info@emmabyrne.net

Swearing is Good for You

Swearing is Good for You is my first popular science book, which looks at the science of swearing. I argue (using peer reviewed science!) that swearing is both big and clever. It’s likely to have been one of the first forms of language that we developed and, since then, it’s been helping us to deal with pain, work together, manage our emotions and improve our minds.


Available now in the UK and Australia, and on preorder in the US and Canada.


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Praise for Emma’s Public Speaking: “Emma Byrne has the unique ability to make science and the lives of scientists accessible to everyone. Making people cry during her description of Alan Turing’s death and explaining Genetic Algorithms in an entertaining yet comprehensible way are just two examples of her skills both as a writer and a presenter.” Dr Simone Stumpf, City University

“Emma was very knowledgeable about her subject and made it easy to understand for a science novice like me!”

“Emma’s talk about Alan Turing was perfectly balanced between his troubled life and his ground-breaking work.”

“Emma Byrne gave an engaging and lively talk about Alan Turing and his life. She succeeded in making familiar material seem new, exciting and even moving. She answered audience questions with wit and enthusiasm. Highly recommended. Five stars”

Previous Events

Some of my broadcast work is available here

Cheltenham Science Festival
Buckingham Science Festival
New Scientist Live
Norwich Science Festival
Tata International Literary Festival, Mumbai
NerdNite London,
Pint of Science, 14th May
White Heat – Brighton Science Festival
Good and Bad Language (with Sam Leith)
Edinburgh International Science Festival
Royal Institution 
Talks at Google (Guest Staring Damien)
Stylist Live!
Science Oxford – 16th November 2017
Science Museum Lates – 25th October 2017. Two full houses for the link between swearing, gaming, and pain.
Nineworlds convention: the neuroscience of swearing, and artificial intelligence 

Commentator on Sky News – robotics, autonomous vehicles, and the impact of AI on the economy.

BBC Four Thought on the benefits of swearing.

BBC Academy Expert Women trainee.  (Audition tapes one and two)

May 2012: Cosy Science. Alan Turing: the Enigma of Intelligence, Talk & Q&A





As well as writing books, I am a copywriter, science writer and occasional book and theatre reviewer. I am available at ASBW rates

My journalism experience includes:

My copywriting experience includes work for hire for a number of startups in the medical and financial technology fields.

My science communication activities include work that has been featured on BBC’s Horizon programme, BBC Radio 5 and a number of outlets including the Melbourne Age and the New Scientist.

I am a recipient of a British Science Association Media Fellowship (2008) .

You can see a portfolio of my work here.

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